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Top Designers - Martine Sitbon

Martine Sitbon was born in 1951 in Casablanca to a French father and an Italian mother; with the mixed heritage of French & Italian, exotic comes naturally to her; She described her early interest in fashion happened by visiting the flea markets of Paris & London. 

Martine graduated from the famed Studio Bercot in Paris in 1974 and continued her practical education by traveling extensively. She eventually launched her first collection in 1985, impressive by her paradox role-play, toying with masculine and feminine using tradition and her use with exotic & unexpected fabrics; Martine Sitbon proved to be one of the influential strong forces in the fashion world with her poetic creations.

In 1988 Martine was designing Chloe's ready-to-wear collections until 1992; in the same year she joined Chloe Martine launched her own Martine Sitbon Fantasy range. In 2001 she joined Byblos as womenswear director, bringing her attentive choice of fabrics and her diverse approach synonymous with her work. In April 2002 she left to fully concentrate on her men's and womenswear label. Due to name rights issues, having Martine's former partner Shamzie still owning her name, Martine Sitbon re-opened her own line under a new name, along with a new financial investor, she chose the name 'Rue du Mail' named after her headquarters address on the right bank in Paris. Martine explained, "I'm still the same designer as I was in the past, and I have the same sensibility, but now it's updated for today's mood".

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