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Top Designers - Max Azria

The Tunisian born designer Max Azria moved to the United States in the 1980's to pursue his passion for fashion design. He launched his first collection in 1989 under the name 'BCBG', which stands for the French term: "bon chic, bon genre" meaning, "good style, good attitude".

Max Azria's fashion style is merging European class with American spirit, a combination that quickly caught the attention of fashionistas worldwide, who immediately made BCBG part of their growing wardrobe; BCBG is also constantly awarded editorial support from every major fashion publication, his collections were spotted regularly on successful TV shows such as "Friends", "Ally Mcbeal", "Buffy the vampire slayer" and on beauties such as Drew Barrymore, Madonna, Uma Thurman, Sharon Stone, Ashley Judd and Heather Graham. 

In 1998 Max Azria acquired the famed French couture house Herve Leger, & by that fulfilling his dream of heading one of the largest fashion houses in the world. Herve Leger is a collection of beautiful yet seductive couture and deluxe ready-to-wear designs.

Awarded with several important awards and acclaims, BCBG Max Azria has become over the years one of the most sought after fashion & lifestyle empire, gradually taking the world by storm.

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