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Your Ultimate Guide For Mineral Rich Foods

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A healthy body needs vitamins and minerals to function properly.People spend a lot of time researching which vitamins are goor for their bodies,
but they tend to completely forget about minerals. Below you will find an introduction to minerals and what they can do to keep your body healthy.


Vitamins and minerals are inorganic substances.This basically means they contain no carbon and are made up of oxides(a form of oxygen) and sulfides (a form of sulfur).Minerals exist naturally in the earth. If you want to promote growth and production of different body parts-minerals can help.Minerals can be beneficial to your skin,teeth,nails,blood,hair and bones.There are certain minerals your body needs in order to function properly.Calcium for instance helps build strong bones and teeth.It also aids in muscle contraction.Fluorine,which fluoride is derived from, can help prevent tooth decay and strengthen bones as well.Iron combines with oxygen to form hemoglobin which is found in red blood cells.The ions in magnesium are essential for the function of all living cells in the human body.Copper helps with liver function.Some other vital minerals needed by the body are:iodine,phosphorous,selenium,potassium, zinc and sodium.Specific amounts of certain minerals are required for the human body to function,even macrominerals.Macrominerals are a group of seven nutrients the body needs to function.These minerals include:chloride,calcium,magnesium,phosphorous, sulphur,potassium and sodium.

Minerals in the human body are synergistic.They must all work together to support proper body function.Because minerals produce different vitamins,hormones and enzymes they are extremely important to various body functions.Minerals are partly responsible for:nerve transmissions,cellular integrity,fluid regulation,blood circulation,muscle contraction and energy production.Having too much of certain minerals in the body can cause disease. That is why it is important to have the correct dose of minerals in the body,so they can work together helping the various tissues and organs function properly.

Most people get their required amount of minerals by eating the various foods they are found in.Some of these foods include:nuts,fruits,vegetables,beans, meats and dairy products.Because of industrial growth the amount of nutrient rich soil has decreased over the years.The amount of air pollution in recent years has made food and soil quality major issues.Organic farmers and environmental companies use eco-friendly resources to produce high quality foods rich in the minerals our bodies need to function.Making sure your body has the right amount of minerals will help you stay healthy.The best way to accomplish this is by eating plenty of of fruits, vegetables,nuts,beans,meat and dairy products.This will insure that your body will function at an optimal level and illness or disease will occur less often.

Following the above advices, will guarantee you health. Make sure to eat foods rich in vitamins and minerals so you are healthy and that way reduce the visits to the doctor and missed days off work.

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