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Top Designers - Luca Luca

In 1993 the Orlandi family entered the world of fashion textiles. Luca Orlandi grew up helping the family business in Milan, but the business was all about cost efficiency and not about imagination. Luca's aunt, Susi Gandini, introduced him to the luxurious and lavish side of fashion. Susi Gandini was a well-known stature in the couture world; her fabrics were being used by almost every major French & Italian fashion house, even today her name still stands for excellence. Under his aunt's guidance Luca learned the value of the most refined fabrics and was given the chance to express and imagine his own vision and use his potential to one day create his own creations.

In 1992 Luca Orlandi introduced the world to "Luca Luca" and almost immediately he became a permanent force in the world of entertainment and fashion. Luca's original designs graced red carpet events and award shows. Luca Luca's designs are a tribute to classic Italian films, with a strong sensibility and a lot of sensuality; Luca insists his main inspiration comes from abstract art exploring the female form, "In my family, the women are strong and sensible, but very happy as well. This is the women I think will appreciate our clothes."

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